Breeding and Training the Elite Dual Purpose- Hunting Retriever and Family Companion
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Puppies and Started Dogs

With four field bred Labrador Retrievers of our own, we understand how important it is to have a dog with intense drive that is still capable of being in your home and an obedient member of your family.  This is what we mean by the Elite dual purpose dog.  When we breed we strive to combine strong drive with positive personality traits to be sure that we are producing gentle, intelligent, social, obedient, driven dogs that will mesh with your family as well as your hunting schedule.

Puppies-   We Do Not Currently Have Any Puppies For Sale- but we are accepting reservations on upcoming litters.

At Elite, our primary focus is training, not breeding.  Although, over the years we have bred some exceptional dogs and this success has created a demand for more field breedings of intelligent, trainable, gentile and loving hunting retrievers and family companions.  We specialize in field-bred black, yellow and chocolate Labrador Retrievers.   Even if we don't have a current litter, we typically have some suggestions for breeders and puppies in Central Texas, we are also very happy to look at pedigree/ breeers websites and provide advice and suggestions to help you find your ideal companion.  Please visit our contact us page to inquire about puppies.

Upcoming litters:

We are always accepting Upcoming Litter Reservations.
You see, we have all of our planned breedings posted here, so that you can take your time, shop and have plenty of opportunity to reserve a puppy from a breeding that you are interested in.  No deposit, just your name.  You can reserve a pick in order before the breeding ever occurs, when the breeding is confirmed we re-inquire about your interest, then when the puppies are born, we ask for a deposit.  You are welcome to cancel your reservation at any time until the puppies are born with no penalty.  Send us a contact request to put a reservation down on a future breeding or inquire further about the process. 


Doc X Ellie Pups 
 A Black and Yellow Litter- Due 5/15/2014

We are currently seeking a Co-Ownership family for a female from this breeding, please read about co-ownership below.



          Click Here to See Doc's Pedigree       Click Here to See Ellie's Pedigree                                                                   

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We are currently accepting Litter Reservations for our 2014 Doc X Ellie Breeding

Doc's long list of accomplishments say it all!  Doc is a Master Hunter and has competed in and passed FIVE Master National Competitions and is already qualified to compete in his 6'th this year, landing him a coveted space in the Master National Hall of Fame.  Doc's Pedigree is a work of art, coming from a long line of very successful hunting retrievers out of Marks A Lot Kennels in North Texas.  Doc is a house companion, sleeping happily on his owner's couch during the off season, but kicking a** and taking names when it's time to hunt or compete.  We chose Doc for his  achievements as well as his ability to calm into an obedient, social member of his family.  Doc has not been checked for EIC or CNM status, but  his hip x-rays have been sent off to the OFA, awaiting results.
 (Ellie is EIC and CNM Clear, therefore no puppies could be affected by disease.)

Ellie is a pup from our 2012 Sadie X Bozz litter, a Grandaughter of FC/AFC Watermark's the Boss, one of the most sought after hunting retrievers in the country.  Ellie has a happy-go lucky personality, she is very maternal and LOVES her brother and sister (Ellie is a co-ownership pup, she lives with her family in Kyle, TX when she is not training or competing).  Ellie has a very calm, easy going temperment, but excells at hunting and retrieveing, she is currently competing in senior level hunt tests, although we expect her heat cycle to interrupt her ability to achieve her title this season.  Ellie was scheduled to have hip and elbow prelims done in March, but came into heat 2 months earlier than expected.  At this time we do not intend to have her hips done before the breeding, but puppies will still be sold with our standard 26 month hip gaurantee.

Doc X Ellie Puppies are for sale for $1,000 with LIMITED  AKC registration with the option of FULL registration once the dog is titled in an AKC or HRC event (Hunt Test, Canine Good Citizen, Agility, Tracking, etc.)  Puppies will have their first round of shots, dewclaws removed (Dewclaws can be saved to complete genetic testing upon buyers request) be de-wormed, exposed to gunshots, birds, small children, recieve early neuroligical stimulation, ready to go home at 7 weeks

(Are you considering an Ellie Doc puppy for breeding puposes?  Our puppy contract requires that your pup be tested for EIC before breeding and would require that if your pup was found to be a carrier, that it could only be bred to a CLEAR dog.  EIC is a debilitating diseases and as breeders it is our goal to ensure that no more dogs are bred to be affected by this disease.)

Co- Ownership:

We are currently seeking a co-ownership family for pick of the litter female from the Doc and Ellie breeding (current pick of the litter wants a companion dog, this pup would be pick of the litter huinting dog).  We recognize that this breeding is going to produce some phenominal puppies, we would like to keep one although we don't need any more dogs in our house!  We want to continue breeding through this line but dont feel that its fair to have a female who's only job is to live in a kennel for her whole life and breed.  Therefore, we are seeking a family home for this female.  Here's how it works:

The Co-Ownership family pays full price for the puppy, $1,000.  You take your puppy home at 7 weeks and raise her with your family, keeping in touch with us and checking in periodically so that we can see her preperation and watch her progress.  She is registered through the AKC in both of our names- co-ownership.  At 6 months of age she returns to us for training, training is free- basic retriever, advanced retriever and possibly master level training.  At completion of training we run her in hunt tests, have her hips and elbows x-rayed, genetic testing done and return her to you at completion.  After the age of 2 she would retrurn to us for breedings on average once per every 1-1.5 years with a maximum of 3-4 breedings in her lifetime.  As a co-owner, consider yourself a partial breeder: your friends and family can purchase 3 half price puppies through her breeding carreer and you and your family recieve 1 free puppy from any of her breedings.  At completion of her breedings we spay her and she is your dog!

The Pros:  You get a Bad A** Hunting dog, trained to the T,  you don't pay for training!
The Cons: Your dog spends about 30%-40% of her time with us (more during her first 2 years while she completes training, less during her breeding years and with you full time at retrirement.)

If a co-ownership sounds like it might be for you, please contact us today!


Mousse X Ginger Puppies Expected August of 2014- an all Chocolate Litter


                                              Click Here to See Mousse's Pedigree          Click Here to see Ginger's Pedigree


We are currently Accepting Litter Reservations for our 2014 Mousse/ Ginger Breeding. 

Mousse/Ginger puppies will be for sale for $800 each, pending clear EIC results.  The puppies will come with LIMITED AKC registration, with the option of FULL registration once the dog is titled in any AKC/ HRC event (Agility, Hunt Tests, Canine Good Citizen, Tracking Competitions, etc.) Prices and registration will be adjusted in the case of Ginger being an EIC carrier.  Ginger turns 2 in March, we will immediately have her hips and elbows tested, with her next heat cycle expected in June of 2014.  We plan to run her in senior hunt tests in the spring of 2014.  We hope that both Ginger and Mousse will be titled as Senior hunters by the time of their breeding.

                   Started Dogs:

We do not Currently Have any Started Dogs for Sale


Our Dogs:

These are our very own dogs whom we breed occasionally to help us provide intelligent, social, obedient, loving companions for our customers.  We believe that in order to operate a successful breeding program, its imperative to ensure that all of our dogs are happy, healthy and content.  We don't think it's fair for a dog to live it's entire life in a kennel, only to be bred a few times a year.  For this reason, all of our breeeding dogs either live in our home, or we co-own them with responsible, caring famalies/ customers.  Our dogs get the best of both worlds- sleeping on the couch with the family in the off season/ hunting and retrieveing with their owners when the birds are flying and visiting Elite for training and breeding every few years.

Ginger is Allison's dog- she lives in our home.
Sarah is Allison's Dog- She lives in our home.
Ellie is Co-Owned by a friend and Customer of ours, she has 2 young children that she lives with and adores!
Brandi is Co-Owned by a customer of ours, she has 2 small children whom she lives with and loves very much!
Check out the pictures from our previous litters